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try some of our favorite dishes!

Korean Fried Chicken

S&P, Spicy Korean, Soy, Garlic

Grilled Intestines

Flavorful and Generously Prepared

Sashimi Special

Fresh sashimi to freshen up your day

Seafood Pajun

A great meal paired with soju!

Budae Jeongol

A meaty & savory, and slightly spicy soup

Cheese Buldak

Cheesy goodness.


New CONVOY Location!

Business Hours

Sunday – Thursday: 5PM-1AM

Friday & Saturday: 5PM-2AM


4367 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111

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Zzan Hillcrest has officially closed. We would like to show our gratitude and thank all of our customers for their support and love. We appreciate it so much and hope to create more memories at Zzan Convoy. Please continue to show us love! Cheers to a new beginning! 🍻


Sep 06, 2022


In the heart of Hillcrest, on the corner of 5th & University, Zzan Hillcrest is an authentic Korean restaurant and a lively drinking establishment. Thanks to our great chefs, all of our dishes are made with fresh ingredients daily and a little love. We have a wide assortment of food ranging from our famous KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), to our diverse selection of sushi. There is something for everyone!

The meaning of "Zzan" in Korean is 'cheers', to always celebrate a wonderful time. So bring your friends, grab a drink (or two), and relax at Zzan Hillcrest!

We do accept reservations and offer patio seating. Thank you!

Jodi S.San Diego, CA

I love this soju house! The staff are all great and it's a fun atmosphere. You can't go wrong with the soju cocktail. There are tons of flavors to choose from but the yogurt ones are my favorite.

John Q.San Diego, CA

The restaurant is a mix of Korean and Japanese cuisines. We went around 7pm on a weekday and we were seated right away. We decided to order Budae Jjigae, Wings, and the Korean rolled omelette. Their Budae Jjigae is probably my favorite. It was very creamy and had a good kick to it. The Soy wings were flavorful and crunchy. The servers were awesome and were very attentive.

Alex L.Spring Valley, CA

I come to this place pretty often usually later at night say 11pm or later. It's one of the few restaurants opened pretty late and their food is amazing. Service is really good and they even have a call button if you ever need help when no one is around. Hands down one of the best spots in hill crest.

Jocy C.San Diego, CA

I'm a fan! I really liked their Kalbi. My friend liked their Bulgogi better.
Corn Cheese - YUM. Definite MUST GET for the Cheese Lovers!

Christina C.San Diego, CA

Really nice atmosphere here! I came as a group of 7 and had a great time. My party ordered the Bulgogi, Korean Fried Chicken (comes with ranch & radish yum), Kimchi Fried Rice, Bulgogi Fries, and Buldak Chicken. Service was great, they played good music and overall would definitely come back.